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Blue Watermelon

Book of Poems by SBP Member Mary Freericks

Mary recounts memories of her childhood and her heritage:

“The poems are sincere recordings of my childhood in Iran including gaining some sexual awareness and nearly being shot by my oldest brother with my grandfather’s hunting gun. Also my one independent female relative as well as the voice of Hitler on our upright radio shivering through me and my father as I sat on his lap and hiding in the basement in the dark with one candle during the bombing of Tabriz by the Russians

My father was Armenian, Christian, my mother, Russian, Jewish. I didn’t learn about my Jewish side till I was twenty. I learned Persian when I started school. I learned English mostly from my cousin, Arlene, in Manhattan when we moved to the U.S.A. after my Father’s untimely death.

My son designed the cover.  I am perhaps 8 or 9 years old wearing a dress my mother copied from the Velasquez portrait of Princess Margareta except hers was black velvet and mine is white taffeta.  I am in our garden in Tehran standing by the pond with a tree behind me.”

The book is available at Amazon