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Practice contrast washing, it improves blood circulation and keeps the skin in good shape, keeping it youthful and elastic. The habit of washing only with hot water leads to premature aging of the skin due to the loss of its elasticity, and washing with cold water leads to pale skin, its lethargy and dryness. When washing, applying scrubs and care creams, do not pull or rub the skin. Apply cleansing and renewing products with light, massaging movements, and creams should be driven in with light slaps of the fingertips. Do not neglect self-massage Massage should be done not only for the face, but also for the whole body (paying special attention to problem areas), as well as for the head. There are a lot of massage techniques , choose the one that suits you. Thanks to massages, the simulation of capillary blood flow to the skin and the enhancement of the natural processes of restoration and rejuvenation are achieved.

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